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The Bavarian Forest tri-border region is situated at the heart of Europe. Parts of the Bavarian Forest on the German side, the Bohemian Forest on the Czech and the Mühlviertel region on the Austrian side merge here. The region around its landmarks Mount Haidel (1,167 m) and the Dreisessel mountain (1,333 m), is one of the most untouched forest areas in Europe and a very popular hiking destinations in Bavaria.
The Short Film Fest Tripoint DE-AT-CZ is an online short film festival that takes place over five days in the first week of December. The festival was launched in 2021 as a non-profit short film festival with the aim of presenting the works of German, Austrian and Czech filmmakers.
Despite no income from the event, we are offering four prizes in the form of prize money intended to support new film projects.
We refrain from regular ticket sales for the festival stream, but appeal to viewers to support the festival with a voluntary donation instead of a ticket price. 100% of all income from donations goes back to the prize money and these will be increased accordingly.

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